MOUKOKAI KARATE is an adapted system based on modern practicality focusing on improving mindset, strengthening the body through foundational training and showing our members how to raise their frequency and feed the spirit.

MOUKOKAI KARATE Founder and Chief Instructor comes from a respected lineage directly in line from Sosai Masutatsu Oyama, the Founder of Kyokushin Karate, through Hanshi Howard Lipman, a designated Branch Chief of Kyokushin Karate in Australia, appointed by Sosai Oyama himself.

Here at the MOUKOKAIKAN, the MOUKOKAI KARATE Honbu Dojo, we don't just focus on the stand up fighting, we focus on what's called the three K's - kihon, kata and kumite.

In other words, we dig a little deeper and study the complete art of karate and focus on personal growth and development, not just stand up fighting.

Let us show you the path to feeling safe, confident and secure going about your everyday business.

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