MOUKO KAI KARATE AUSTRALIA Technical Director - Mouko Dojo

MOUKO KAI KARATE AUSTRALIA Technical Director - Mouko Dojo

We are excited to announce that Senpai Rientz Inglis has accepted an invitation to fill the position of MOUKO KAI KARATE AUSTRALIA TECHNICAL DIRECTOR.

The role of the Technical Director is to keep us all accountable, including me, so that knowledge of the art is not lost or forgotten as we grow and evolve.

Rientz and I have trained and travelled together on numerous occasions over the years to Kyokushin Karate Seminars in Sydney conducted by Hanshi Howard Lipman, 9th Dan Kyokushin Karate and a designated Branch Chief of Kyokushin Karate in Australia; appointed by Sosai Masutatsu Oyama himself.

Rientz has been a solid support for me over many years and has always been there to offer advice and fill in the gaps when my memory fails me.
As a Sensei who does his best to mentor everyone who trains with me, it's great to have someone I can chat to about the finer details of the art, to bounce ideas off and to help problem solve when we get stuck on how technique and kata should be executed and performed as Hanshi would want and expect.

Thank you for accepting Rientz.
It's an honour.


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