Senpai Rientz Inglis - Shodan - Mouko Dojo

Senpai Rientz Inglis - Shodan - Mouko Dojo

We would like to congratulate Senpai Rientz Inglis on his recent promotion to 1st Degree Black Belt.

I have known Rientz for a number of years and although I didn't promote Rientz or even do a great deal to help him on his path, he has still been a valuable member of our dojo for quite some time.

He has worked closely with me in both the kids and adults' classes and to be honest, we wouldn't be the same dojo without him.

The one thing I like about Rientz is he is a quiet achiever; you never quite know with Rientz what he's thinking or what his next move will be.

He is a fine example of what it means to be disciplined and he has definitely grown to become an excellent instructor in his own right, taking a lot of the adult classes while I talk to parents when the kids' classes have finished.

He takes the lead and thinks for himself which is definitely something you need in the world today and we need more men like him in society.

Strong values and standards, he is an excellent father to his children and a fine example of what a masculine man should be for his family and his community to follow.

Well done Rientz on an outstanding achievement.


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